Homework plays a crucial role in learning process whether it is academics or working in any institution. Homework enables a student or any person to involve in activities like access to library, textbooks and other alternatives of reading and learning than schools or regular classes. Homework also boasts a person or student academically, as it bridges the gap between the school learning and home activities. It is considered that learning must go on even after the school hours.

During pandemic, everything went online so as the homework; schools and colleges even the official works conducted online. Online homework played a crucial role in learning process during the pandemic because students have to learn everything online and it is not possible to create a schooling environment at home which is equally important for the overall development. Online homework enables the reinforcement of good habits and skills in students. One of the major benefit of online or hybrid homework assignment is more accessibility and better understanding of issues faced by students.  Teachers easily access the online homework and provide feedbacks to the work of the students even the parents are also benefited with the homework assignment as they can easily monitor the performance and progress of their children.

In recent years all institutions have adopted the online class models which enable the students to complete the assignments online and submit them for real feedbacks. There are several benefits to assign homework online including development of technical skills, access to the innovative resources online, submission of work from anywhere at any time within the deadline, fewer notebooks and books to carry and the most important one is receiving feedbacks in real time so the improvements can be made.

Instead of many pros to the online work assignment there are still some cons, which are also a matter of concern as more screen time may cause mental stress and also affect the health of students and children, so it is important to adopt some shortcuts in doing homework online.

These shortcuts may include:

Reading Books off-screen- Book reading is helpful in better understanding of the assignment and student is able to apply some creative mind in doing the work accessing the reliable information available in books.

Personalized Home works- This method may able a student to know about himself better which makes him more motivated towards his studies.

Family Support- Family/parents support in doing homework is very advantageous for student’s growth whether it is online or offline. It is also looked as a fun activity, like a student is video graphed teaching new concepts to his family in his own style.

Well Planed and interactive videos- Students are burdened with typical instructive videos so for online homework, well planned and interactive videos may be used that create some spark of learning in the student.

Alternative Approach- Some alternative and attractive approaches should be adopted over traditional approaches like Art and Craft, games and outdoor activities, social work, etc.

All the approaches and shorts cuts should be goal oriented towards the development of positive attitude in the students, social encounter, creative activities, and real life experiences while assigning the homework online.