What is a plagiarism checker?

What is plagiarism?

Representing another person’s ideas and thoughts without giving them credit and using them as your own is referred to as Plagiarism. In other words, plagiarism can be termed as an act of cheating and fraud in the field of content writing. Therefore, to check the plagiarism content of a writer a tool is created which is named plagiarism checker.


What is a Plagiarism checker?

To identify the copied content of the writer a tool has been created which is referred as a Plagiarism checker. Plagiarism checkers can easily detect the contents which are copied from any sources. In the field of writing, a plagiarism checker plays an essential part due to its specialty in detecting any duplicate content. The writers generally copy the information of other relevant sources without their acknowledgment, this can be said as an act of fraud or cheating. To eliminate the chances of fraud in the writing industry this tool has been created. The plagiarism checker helps content writers to create real and original content.

There are various plagiarism checker tools available online. Anyone can detect the copied contents of the writer and can sue the writers if they had tried to infringe any person’s rights.


There are several checkers available to check plagiarism content like Grammarly, Dupli-checker, turnitin, etc. However, turnitin is considered the best tool to check plagiarism. Hence, plagiarism in the content field is considered an act of fraud. The writers after creating content need a surety that the content is real and original. Several content writers use turnitin to check the duplicate content and verify it. If plagiarism is found in the content they need to change it in their own words to avoid copyright issues.


How does the plagiarism checker work?

Major numbers of content writers use the turnitin tool to verify the created content. This tool provides the best and most accurate results. After completing the easy process, anyone can check and detect the content. The steps are mentioned below:

  1. Signup- when you open the turnitin tool, you just need to sign up for the account with valid information.
  2. Complete the details- after signing up, you just need to fill in the required details which will appear on the tool to process further.
  3. Direction slide- after filling in the mandatory information, the checker will provide you some clues and directions to use the plagiarism checker turnitin tool.
  4. Upload the file- after that, you can upload the file which you want to check and confirm by pressing the button at the bottom.
  5. Result- Once you upload a file, the tool checks the content and detects the contents which are copied.
  6. Download the report- after detecting the file by the tool, you can download the file and it shows the percentage of the copied content and which content you need to change in your language.


These are the steps of using a plagiarism checker which can help you identify whether the content is original or not.