What are the attributes of a good essay writer?

In order to become a good essay writer, it is required that writer understands the proper use of words and sentences as a way to explain the idea of the essay. In order to become a good essay writer, it is essential to have certain qualities imbibed in yourself which might help you in your writing: First of them is clarity: It is essential for a good essay writer to have a clarity of thought and understanding regarding the topic and how to proceed with the task at hand. Next is regularity: in order to write a good essay, it is important that the essay writer continue to stick to the central idea of the essay rather than filling jargon or unnecessary words to expand the essay. Writing a good essay requires inclusion of several key factors which makes a difference between a good essay and a bad one like Focus, which essentially means that the essay should be centered around an idea. Next is development which means that the paragraph in the essay should also be written in such a manner that they support or expand the earlier proposed topic. Coherence is an important attribute which means that the all the paragraphs and information provided should be presented in a logical manner and there should be a smooth flow through all the points. It essentially means that whatever is presented in the essay should be comprehensible and be centered around the same point. The essay should be free from inaccuracies and present factually correct information. The language used should be grammatically correct and follow the same style throughout the essay. A good writer should incorporate all the above essential traits while writing an essay in order to enhance their writing and secure good grades through the essays. A few more important which a good essay writer should focus upon is understanding the topic thoroughly and doing extensive research on the topic, either through their prescribed textbooks or over the internet. Post research, the essay writer should formulate a structure or frame of the essay including the various sections and also assign tentative word limits to those sections. This practice allows the essay writer to make a tentative plan of the essay and make it easy for them to emphasis on a certain point rather than missing the central while writing in a flow. Post fulfilling the determined sections with all the relevant researched information, writer should consciously connect the dots and link all the information so that it depicts a flow. It allows the reader to remain engaged and not find the presented essay jarring. Post the write up, a good essay writer must habitually proof read their essay and also check for grammatical and language errors. Following these relevant point and practice is essentially a good way to enhance one’s essay writing skill and become a good essay writer.