The quickest guide for doing homework online

Homework help is often required by students who have suddenly shifted towards submitting their homework in online mode. They find it difficult to bring a balance between their work and free time. The following points provide a guide that will help such students to work upon their homework skills in online mode-

Develop good computer skills

Working upon homework online is a tricky part which sometime students may find hard. The students who are already doing the work online from a long time do not feel any change or issues. But a sudden shift toward online mode will require appropriate homework help. In such cases, it is important that the students first learn a set of essential computer skills. How to operate MS word, excel, power-point presentation, or how to use google to one’s advantage are some questions that should be tackled first by any student before doing any homework in online mode.


Making a to-do-list is already practiced generally by the students. However, what is more important is to prioritize the items that are already listed on the list. Prioritization should be done in the best possible manner so that you are done with all the important and some least important tasks by the end of the day. You may follow the labelling pattern for prioritizing your work. Labels under the head A, B, C, etc. may be used where A label upon a task will denote highest urgency and the last letter used will denote the least urgent task for the day.

Form a homework group

Having a group of friends who can provide you with homework help are an asset for your homework preparation. In an online mode, doubt clearing may become a problem for students. Therefore, having a WhatsApp group may assist you in such circumstances where anyone from your group can put you’re their query and the other group members may help in resolving the same.

Set a timer with plenty of breaks

Measuring work in terms of time required to complete it is being done by every student while preparing for homework online. However, many of them fail to complete the tasks as per their time measurement. Using a timer not just to measure the work but to measure the breaks in between the work will provide homework help to them. For example, one can set the timer of 25 minutes each for doing the work with high concentration and a 5-minute break after each 25 minutes to relax the mind.


Many times, homework online does not go as per the schedules as homeworking is not as enjoyable as surfing the internet or using social media. Therefore, every time you work on homework, make a reward system for yourself. For example, you may give yourself a treat of watching Netflix, eating your favorites, or performing your hobby only if you complete your work within the stipulated time. This will work as a reward system which will motivate you to work towards it.