Common problems that students face in doing English assignments?

Homework help is generally needed by those students who found it difficult to write English assignments due to difference in their mother tongue. Writing English assignment require proper understanding of the language and use of appropriate professional words. More issues are faced while doing homework in offline mode than in homework online. Some of the major issues faced by the students are listed as follows-

Using more passive voice

Writing in English is often interrupted by your choice of voice. Many students engage in the practice of writing sentences in a passive voice rather than an active voice. For example- “Every sentence has been written in passive voice by me”. However, in the passive voice, the main focus of a statement remains on the object and little focus is attained towards the subject. This might create confusion in the mind of reader and may not convey the real intention behind the statement.

Poor organization of sentences

The problem in relation to proper framing and organization is the most common issue faced by students who ought to speak in their native language. This is because every language has dollows different sentence formation. For example, a language may follow the formation of Subject+ Object+ Verb, but the English language follows a rather distinct approach i.e. Subject + Verb+ Object. Therefore, a difference between the sentence formation may occur in such cases. This leads to a poor sentence organisation which may change the entire meaning of a sentence.

Not using transitional words

Transitioning between two different sections of an English assignment is sometimes missing in a student’s writing whose native language is other than English. Homework help in such cases is required by these students. While doing homework online, the students can easily search for some good transitioning words and use them in their content. However, for doing them offline, it is vital that the students get fully familiarised with some important transitioning words and phrases prior to writing any assignment in English.

Grammar problems

English grammar is difficult to understand by a student who is new to the language and do not often speak in same. Furthermore, choosing correct grammar while speaking in English may not attract any issue, but while writing English assignments, grammar becomes the most tough part. Most importantly, the knowledge about use of correct tenses is found deficit in many students. This leads to many grammatical mistakes in the assignment thereby resulting is losing of marks.

Spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes generally occur when the English assignments are required to be submitted in an offline mode without using MS office or some other similar software. Spelling mistakes may sometimes create a blunder in your assignment as it may complete change the meaning of a word. Furthermore, spelling mistakes often create a bad impression on the checker as such mistakes are not expected by a graduating or a post-graduating student. Therefore, it is vital that such mistakes are avoided.